i hate brandi pahl...

she's a worthless piece of shit cunt.

i wish her nothing but the absolute worst. she deserves nothing less.

fuck you, brandi. i hope you choke on every lie you've ever told.

you are scum.

little delightful message to you, fucking whore:

there is nothing between us but oceans of bad blood.... fuck you.

i'll fall to my knees and pray for your death.


  1. WOW! Spewing the Hatred! Pretty hard to compare to Brandi huh? I feel sad for you!

  2. don't feel anything for me.

    brandi's a piece of shit. a liar. a cheater. and associates with snitches.

    not one good thing can be said here.

  3. Funny i was searching for my wifes name and saw this, i guess there are more than one Brandi Pahl