donut falls...

since i'm currently going insane, my mother decided to take me hiking.

zion came along. we had the most fun together. i love that kid more than anything.

here's a few pictures from our hike to donut falls.






life recap...

so i've obviously been distracted lately...

here's a photo-overload of what's been going on...

we'll start with my birthday (may 28th)

blake is the most amazing person.


my entire birthday was a complete surprise.

every place we went, i was clueless.

first we met up with casey and some other dudes to watch the UEFA match at Piper Down.

piper down

lunch was delicious.

then, we started to head downtown... i had no idea what was coming.

we pulled up to Cathedral Tattoo . it goes without saying that i was excited.


blake got me a gift card so i can finally start my sleeve. we set up an appointment with Jake Miller. his artwork is fantastic. i'm so excited for july 15th.

by that time, we were both quite sleepy. we decided to head back to blake's to take a nap... however, we stopped at a park, where i got my next gift. he got me a baseball glove. i love it! we had a catch then went to take a nap.


after resting, there was yet another surprise. i was hoping that we would go to the ReAL match. he tricked me, said we were going elsewhere, but sure enough, he took me to the match. it was such a blast, minus the outrageous downpour that happened. we still had a blast.

ReAL Salt Lake

okay, so it's 10pm, you'd think that the day is over... but no. we meet up with a few friends at leatherby's where i get a birthday sundae.

nom nom

the day was perfect. i've never felt so special, and it's all thanks to blake. we got breakfast the next morning... it ruled.

blake face

fast forward a bit. i got the pleasure to see iron and wine. it was such an amazing show. such talent.

iron and wine

then then then... my nephew and i are best buds. i love him. zion is my favorite person.



hmm... besides the hospital visit.... i think that's it. blake's doing well. we hope there isn't surgery in his future... we'll find out soon enough.

thanks for hanging in there. this post is too long. fuck.


back to normal...

what a weekend!

blake was admitted to the hospital friday afternoon.

almost had to get emergency surgery on saturday.

he's doing so much better, they're actually discharging him today.

I am so happy he's alright. I've been at the hospital since he's been admitted.

I'm excited to go home and shower. things will return to how they were before.

back to a friend.


i hate brandi pahl...

she's a worthless piece of shit cunt.

i wish her nothing but the absolute worst. she deserves nothing less.

fuck you, brandi. i hope you choke on every lie you've ever told.

you are scum.

little delightful message to you, fucking whore:

there is nothing between us but oceans of bad blood.... fuck you.

i'll fall to my knees and pray for your death.


going... going...


i'm giving up.
i'm giving in.
nothing good will happen in the end.

drowning in a sea of my own lies.
each breath stolen.
lies choked down like cheap whiskey.
burning as it is swallowed up.

you have forgotten my love.
you have forgotten my promises.
blinded by fear and foolishness.
you're giving up.

don't let go.
it will never come back.
don't let go.
please hold on tight.

this hurts too much.
everything is ruined.
open your eyes.
i'm not her.
i'm not her.
i'm not her.

time to give up.
time to give in.

i believe in you.

i can only love you from a distance.

a distance.

far enough to guard my heart.
far enough so you cannot hear me cry.
far enough where i cannot see your smile.

please don't forget me.
please don't forget my love.
please don't forget me.

you were all i've ever wanted.
you were always just a dream.
false hope surrounds me.
false hope. false hope.