going... going...


i'm giving up.
i'm giving in.
nothing good will happen in the end.

drowning in a sea of my own lies.
each breath stolen.
lies choked down like cheap whiskey.
burning as it is swallowed up.

you have forgotten my love.
you have forgotten my promises.
blinded by fear and foolishness.
you're giving up.

don't let go.
it will never come back.
don't let go.
please hold on tight.

this hurts too much.
everything is ruined.
open your eyes.
i'm not her.
i'm not her.
i'm not her.

time to give up.
time to give in.

i believe in you.

i can only love you from a distance.

a distance.

far enough to guard my heart.
far enough so you cannot hear me cry.
far enough where i cannot see your smile.

please don't forget me.
please don't forget my love.
please don't forget me.

you were all i've ever wanted.
you were always just a dream.
false hope surrounds me.
false hope. false hope.

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