sunday funday...

i had the most amazing weekend!

well, most amazing sunday. saturday, i layed in bed all day... i was okay with it.

but sunday!

my sister-in-law, two of her daughters and myself ventured downtown for Craft Sabbath. it made me wanna make crafts like crazy!


we hopped on trax to go to the mall, since the girls really wanted a train ride.
they loved it.


then we stopped for lunch at whole foods. i love ellyannah's space-cadet expressions.


thennn, it was earth jam. that's basically the earth day festival, which is basically hippie bullshit weirdos day. it was quite the people-watching extravaganza...
but still, the girls had a blast. it was really nice to get out with kim.


thennnn, blake and i decided to grab some candy and go see a movie. we went and saw the conspirator. i thought it was a great flick. it definitely kept me very entertained.


above all, i was smiling, laughing and thankful for every second of the day.

i'm in love with that feeling. i hope i find it more often.

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